Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be home or how do you deliver my clothes?

” No, not at all, in fact, most of our residential customers are not home. that is why we started home delivery service, our customers told us they wanted more leisure time for doing things that they enjoy. By supplying you with dry cleaning bags and the convenient monthly billing, no one has to be at home to enjoy the benefits of free home delivery. We simply pick up the bag from the front porch and deliver them on the hook we will provide for you.”

How often do you pick up?/What are the days?

“We are always in your area twice a week, When we pick up your bag on Monday, we will bring back your clean & pressed clothes on Thursday, and visa Versa. We also offer a Tuesday/Friday route and either route is based on your location.

What if you don’t have anything?/Do I need to call?/I don’t have much.

“No, you don’t have to call, we are always in your area twice a week. Even if you are once a week or once a month, this is what our service was designed for…to make it easy and convenient for you.”

What time do you pick up & deliver?

“I hate to sound worse than the cable guy, but we ask that you just put the bag out by 8:00 in the morning and we will have your clothes delivered by 5:00 the next delivery day.”

How do I pay?

“We simply bill your credit card once a month or (if applicable) we will send you a monthly invoice.”

Are there any hidden costs?/Why don’t you charge for the service?/ How much does it cost?

“No, not at all, we are in the customer service business and we are glad to bring our cleaners to you. Besides, we are always in your area, servicing great customers just like you in your neighborhood.”

What if I already have a pick up service?/I’m happy with our current cleaner!

“I am happy that you are satisfied, many people on our route were happy with their cleaner, but when they found out how great our service is and saw the quality of work, they have remained loyal to us.”

Can I think it over?

“No problem, if it’s ok, can I have your first name and phone number so that I can follow up within the next week?”

Can I talk it over with my wife/husband?

” No problem, I would like to now if you want a free “gift” to give to your spouse? How would you like to save time making two trips to the cleaners? Or, how would you like having your husband or wife home 20 minutes earlier for dinner?”

Why are your prices so high?

“Many people felt the prices were on the high side until they found out what real value we put into our product. I don’t know what your time is worth, but we save time and money with our FREE pick-up and delivery service.”

What if I am nervous about leaving my clothes outdoors?

“Some customers felt that way until they found out that clean or dirty, laundry is not a high priority for thieves! Plus, you live in a great neighborhood!”

(If it is because of the weather concerns, we can make an assessment of your porch. We can pick-up at the porch and deliver in the garage, we do this for other customers who have the same issue.) Also you can contact the driver and ask them to hold your order until next time or return it to the store for pickup.

What if I don’t know if the turn around time will work for me?

“Some of my customers felt that they had to have a quicker turnaround time until they found out that they could send clothes on both Monday and Thursday. this ensured them they would always have plenty of clean clothes pressed and ready to wear.”

I have had a bad experience with your cleaner!

“My apologies! If I may ask, what bad experience did you have? If you could give us another chance I will do everything in my power to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. If I can’t make you happy, I don’t want your business. I would rather have your friendship and honesty in helping us to make our business better.”
Didn’t find an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us with your question and we will get back with you.